Office workers can also find opportunities to create wealth business legend

now office workers pressure is relatively large, there are a lot of office workers feel that money is not enough to spend, do not want to go to work, and hope to start their own business when the boss. Today Xiaobian to introduce a friend of Wuhan, he was also an office worker, after the discovery of business opportunities earned 600 thousand! How did he do it? Following along with the small series to understand it!

2 years ago, I was in Hubei, Wuhan, is one of the many office workers. What I usually do not have hobbies, most love work push the cart to the supermarket, then he went home to cook, is a typical family man "". As time went on, I found a sudden change in the handle of the cart. The original naked on a cart, front and sides are hung on a wide range of advertising. When I came to work in Chongqing, I found that the supermarket trolleys were bare. The discovery made me realize that I could move Wuhan to Chongqing! The idea suddenly came out, let me now not only jumped out of the office workers, even a monthly income of about 600 thousand yuan. read more

Love ice cream investment

around us, we can always see the figure of ice cream. In the food and beverage market, ice cream is always very popular, loved by consumers. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the business really love ice cream, is a very wise choice. So, what are you hesitating about?

ice cream sales in the Chinese market has been very high, so want to invest in a ice cream shop some people in the business, investment of ice cream? I love ice cream has a very good development in China market, choose to invest in a shop like this, can that bring you hot opportunities. The choice of investment I love ice cream, good market prospects, can let people do get free. read more

Mentality of elite students selling dumplings to get rich

students called God’s favored one, in the opinion of most people, university graduates should do some related work and identity. But now the social competition is more and more intense, the annual college graduates to the enterprise’s position has been oversupply. College students are no longer a special address. As the top students of Tongji University, Chen Kai gave up his life in the big city office, and the choice of home business selling dumplings. The following is the entrepreneurial story Chen Kai sold dumplings for college students. read more

What are the mistakes easily made by entrepreneurs

chose to start a lot of people, but the real choice of business opportunities for people who are very limited. In a word, choose a suitable project, is the first step towards the success of the venture, the rest, is to adhere to, and "Study hard every day"! However, a large part of the entrepreneurs in the choice of the project will be a problem, entrepreneurs choose entrepreneurship projects often make a few mistakes:

1, unable to resist the temptation to choose the project looks beautiful! read more

Panzhihua mouse to complete the tax payment

with the advent of the Internet has provided more convenience for our lives, especially before the tax must go to the relevant units can be. Recently, thousand Wo flavor industry food Limited by Share Ltd tax officers Zhang Yanyan opened the online tax service hall address on the computer in the office, less than two minutes to the successful completion of tax payment. "Before the tax day, we have to go to the hall line filling. When the data is not uniform, have to run back and forth. Tax people for a long time, sometimes to wait an hour of the team. Now through the network tax, time saving, more relaxed." Zhang Yanyan said with a smile. read more

The operation of new Ma Bo

how to do business, an experienced person may say however, if it is closely reasoned and well argued, a newcomer, is probably more anxiety. Although a new horse, but wave their own shop run fast, then the horse wave is a way of business what?

Yuan’an County in Hubei Province Yang Ping town is a convenient transportation and commercial prosperity of the township. Many people are here to have a shop, or is handed down from ancestors "time-honored", or more than a joint venture of the chain, of course, there are also travel alone to the bright younger generation. read more

The police investigation Betta TV indecent behavior without supervision caused confusion in the indu

online broadcast platform recently Betta TV stood in the teeth of the storm due to a live online, anchor pornographic video, the police have been involved in the investigation of Betta TV.

2015 December 31st Betta anchor drive stuffed in a car accident crisis is not flat, in January 10th, a TV anchor Betta live online "made" pornographic video, once again become a hot topic of the network.

read more