American Vanadium promotes CellCube vanadium flow energy storage system

first_imgThe US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is currently commissioning the first CellCube vanadium flow energy storage system to arrive in North America. While there are more than 65 CellCube systems commercially installed globally, this will be the first to be showcased in North America. NREL is providing its new, state-of-the-art Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) to independently test the CellCube for renewable integration, microgrid and utility scale applications in North America. NREL will provide an independent report on the technical characteristics of the CellCube energy storage system, which American Vanadium will make available to interested parties.       American Vanadium is inviting utilities, renewable energy project developers, industrial microgrid customers and media to visit NREL to view the CellCube system in operation and to further understand its capabilities. “We are very excited about independently showcasing our commercially available energy storage systems at such a leading-edge facility as NREL in Colorado,” said Bill Radvak, President and CEO of American Vanadium. “With our ability to provide reliable, long-duration energy storage systems coupled with long-term financial packages, we are now in position to enable our partners to submit the most competitive bids.”“The ESIF is a megawatt-scale facility that provides industry users with the ability to minimise the risk and accelerate the impact of new technologies and help move them into the market faster,” said Dr Martha Symko-Davies, Director of Partnerships, Energy Integration, at the NREL in Golden, Colorado. “The ability to demonstrate and evaluate technologies that can help integrate renewables into the grid is where the ESIF has an extremely important role for the evaluation of the CellCube.”American Vanadium is an integrated energy storage company and the Master Sales Agent in North America for GILDEMEISTER energy solution’s CellCube energy storage system. The CellCube is the world’s only commercially available vanadium flow battery, providing long duration solutions over a 20+ year life for a broad range of applications including renewable energy integration and demand charge reduction. CellCube is a powerful, durable and reliable energy storage system that ensures a clean, emission-free energy supply at all times.  American Vanadium is developing the Gibellini vanadium project in Nevada to be the only dedicated vanadium mine in the US, providing a critical source of vanadium electrolyte for CellCube energy storage systems.last_img read more