Eagle Motorsports returns in title sponsorship role for IMCA RaceSaver Sprints

first_imgLINCOLN, Neb. (March 3) – Eagle Motorsports returns for a second season as title sponsor of the IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car division.The Lincoln, Neb., sprint car chassis manufacturer and high performance parts retailer again furnishes a portion of the $2,600 point fund to be paid to top 10 drivers in national point standings for the winged class. IMCA Eagle Motorsports RaceSaver Sprint Cars ran in Texas, Minnesota, Nebraska and Virginia last year. New sanctions in Iowa and Colorado have already been announced for 2014.Drivers must display two Eagle Motorsports decals on their race car to be eligible for point fund money. Point fund checks will be presented during the national awards banquet in November, or mailed beginning the following week from the IMCA home office. “In addition to the point fund contribution, Eagle also awards a free chassis kit to the national champion and national rookie of the year,” noted IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder. “Last season that ended up being the same driver but with a new crop of talented rookies combined with a full field of experienced veterans, those awards are up for grabs and the competition is wide open this year.” “Eagle has been a great partner and we’re excited to work with them again in 2014,” he concluded.Information about Eagle-built chassis and parts is available by calling 402 438-0392 and at the www.eaglemotorsports.com website.last_img read more

Using WikiLeaks to Shape History as it Happens

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#Government#web Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… The problem with working to change United States foreign policy is that you’re never really sure what it’s going on behind the curtain. By the time you have submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and the government deems the information you’re asking for safe, the present has passed into history. Which raises the question, will WikiLeaks bring us the transparency we need to be able to understand the internal workings of U.S. covert operations?The world of top-secret America has grown exponentially since 9/11, with over 263 organizations created or reorganized. Much is happening in this world that is not only hidden from us, but from itself. A dark and Kafkaesque bureaucracy devoted to protecting us lurks beneath our democratic process, and we need to know its shape in order to have an accurate understanding of domestic and international policy.Guest author Jeremy John is a Technologist at EchoDitto, a leading digital strategy and technology firm leveraging new media and participatory technologies to affect positive social change. He has been an activist ever since he accidentally ate the red pill instead of the more harmless blue one. He’s been an advocate for an assortment of human rights issues, including (but not limited to) debt cancellation for developing nations, closing the School of the Americas, decent groundwater standards in Indiana, and sustainable globalization. He blogs at glassdimly.com.The ability to excavate the doings of the CIA and FBI comes years after the ability to do anything about it has long past. Internationally, history has revealed that the CIA has been involved in regime changes in many places, including Afghanistan. Domestically, the Church Committee exposed the workings of COINTELPRO, the FBI’s domestic program to disrupt the civil rights movement, which included a massive plan to discredit and undermine Dr. Martin Luther King. But this was released in 1975 and King died in 1968. We now know that the FBI came down on the wrong side of history. Would radical governmental transparency have forced the FBI to respect MLK? The CIA may or may not have looked the other way while their operatives, after delivering supplies and weapons to the Nicaraguan rightist rebels, flew cocaine back to the gangs in LA ghettos to be made into crack. (See also today’s related post, “What Mark Zuckerberg Told Time About Wikileaks“.) Whistleblower and Pulitzer Prize-awarded journalist Gary Webb (below) lost his job at the San Jose Mercury News and eventually committed suicide over his article “Dark Alliance,” that reported on these connections. History is divided on the veracity of his claims (despite the firsthand testimony he collected into his book). It goes to show that being on the cutting edge of history can hurt. It’s never easy to be a whistleblower like Assange.What is certain is that the covert military’s operations always operate under plausible deniability. For activists who see traces of the CIA’s operations in international conflicts this can be frustrating. How, exactly, do the State Department and the CIA work together? Because we cannot know what is happening in the present, history is the study of the already obsolete. How can we affect change if we cannot see inside this dark machine?It is the connection between history and the present moment that is so often lacking. We can all become scholars of the CIA’s historic role in shaping world events, but the real question is the now. What is the CIA doing right now?The federal Freedom of Information Act gives members of the public access to information created by any public agency. While there are rules dictating how much time a public agency can take to fulfill a request (as well as how much money they can charge to do so), it sometimes takes years, thousands of dollars and even lawsuits before that information is disclosed.WikiLeaks provides us with the hope of a pre-FOIA FOIA. Information not requested and unexpected may continue to fall from the sky. Perhaps, from those pages, we will glean something of what the CIA and State Department are doing overseas.If we are able to obtain this information through WikiLeaks, we may be able to interact with the covert military operations that the U.S. is undertaking as they are taking place. If so, we may be able to turn the tide of history.Are we approaching an age where we can confront history as it is happening? I ask, who watches the watchmen? In an age where an entire military-political machine is hidden below the surface, hidden from scrutiny, I hope that WikiLeaks will cause our society pause to reflect on this as a danger to liberty and open the front door. And a few windows while we’re at it, because the house needs some fresh air.Gary Webb screen grab from “Gary Webb: In his own words“center_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… guest author 1 Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

New Features and Enhancements in Premiere Pro Creative Cloud

first_imgSwitching between video and audio waveforms quickly in the Source MonitorBeing able to see your audio waveform in the Source Monitor is helpful when editing a sound bite into a video editing sequence.Previously you had to go into “Settings” (the wrench icon) to switch your view to audio waveforms. Now, clicking the “Drag Audio Only” icon will switch you to waveform view. Clicking “Drag Video Only” icon again will switch you back to the video.Out of sync indicators for unlinked clipsIn previous versions of Premiere Pro you didn’t receive any kind of  “out of sync” warning when you unlinked video and audio. Now when video/audio are unlinked (Shortcut: Command+L on Mac or Control + L on PC) and you move one of them, you see the sync indicators. See the red numbers in the example shot below.The clips have to overlap for this to work (this setting can be turned on/off in General Preferences): Increase/decrease Track Size with Middle mouse buttonYou can now modify your video track side when sliding the middle mouse button. I loved this feature in Adobe Audition, and am glad that it is now in Premiere Pro. I use this often to dynamically change my track size and find it a big time saver.Bonus: Holding down shift while using the middle mouse button lets you increase/decrease all your video or audio tracks at once.Timeline Display SettingsYou can now access Display Settings from the wrench icon in your video editing sequence. You can choose what to see/not see,  which allows a good bit of customization. You could also make shortcuts for any of these that you use often.You can save track presets, which is handy if you want different track heights on different types of editing projects (for instance, you could have one preset for music videos, another for documentary work, etc).You can also access additional timeline options, like how to view thumbnails, from the Timeline Panel Menu:Additional ShortcutsIf you like to edit using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse, there are some helpful updates in Premiere Pro CC.  The Premiere Pro shortcuts I particularly like are the nudge (move a clip up, down, left or right), and track targeting (move sources/targets up/down).I generally go to the Keyboard Shortcuts setting, type in what I want to do, and see if there is a shortcut for it.  If no shortcut exists by default, I create my own.Additional GPU SupportPremiere Pro Creative Cloud has GPU support for both AMD & NVIDIA cards. This is a big one for a lot of Mac users (the announced Mac Pro will have 2 AMD GPU’s). Premiere Pro can also take advantage of 2 GPU’s when exporting which will speed up output.Here is a link to Adobe’s list of supported cards. I guess I need to start saving up for the yet unannounced Mac Pro release!If you have any favorite new features in Premiere Pro CC, be sure to share them in the comments below! In this post, we take a look at smaller, but helpful, new features and enhancements in Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud!With the Creative Cloud update Adobe added many big new features in Premiere Pro like Link & Locate, Cloud Sync Settings, and the Audio Clip Mixer.  In a previous blog post I looked at 10 features in Premiere Pro Next (before the product was announced).Now that Premiere Pro Creative Cloud is out, let’s take a look at some additional, smaller features that improve the video editing experience even more.Audio Plugins ManagerPremiere Pro supports third-party VST3 plug-ins (and Audio Units on a Mac). These are common plugin formats, so If you are already own third-party plug-ins you can now use them in Premiere Pro.Just like video plugins, there are audio plugins that perform specific tasks like noise reduction or EQ quicker or better than the default plugins in Premiere Pro. I can now use Waves Vocal Rider in Premiere Pro to automatically ride my levels (even out my audio in a natural sounding way), which can be a big time saver.Adobe has a link for third party video and audio plugins, and hopefully will add more audio ones in the future (currently only Izotope).You access the Plug-ins Manger from Preferences > Audio, or from the Audio Track Mixer panel menu.last_img read more

IfOnly Partners With Industry Titans To Deliver Collection Of Rare Thought Leader

first_imgIfOnly, the leading marketplace for unique experiences, is offering once-in-a-lifetime meetings with company founders, CEOs and icons from the world of tech, business, fashion and entertainment to help raise money for worthy causes.IfOnly will launch the series of auctions on October 4th offering private lunches where guests will be able to get insights and stories from top executives in their fields. Select auctions also include exclusive tours of company headquarters and photo opportunities.Exclusive Power Meeting Opportunities Include Lynwen Brennan (GM of Lucasfilm); Heidi Zak (Founder/CEO Third Love); Rob Reiner (acclaimed actor, director, producer); Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (activist/author); Frank Marshall (Hollywood icon); Jeff Housenbold (Managing Partner at SoftBank Investment Advisers), Dick Costolo (Founder 01 Ventures / Former CEO Twitter), Donna Karan and many moreThe proceeds from each auction will go towards the personally selected charity of each of the Thought Leaders. For a complete list of these exclusive one-on-one Thought Leader experiences visit www.ifonly.com/thoughtleaders and start bidding today.“We are honored to be working closely with this amazing group of Thought Leaders in an effort to raise money for their supported charities. These auctions present a unique opportunity to connect directly with icons across the worlds of technology, business and entertainment while raising money for worthwhile causes. We are truly grateful for the generosity of our leaders and looking forward to the auctions,” said John Boris CEO, IfOnly.The inaugural IfOnly Thought Leaders auction will go live on www.ifonly.com/thoughtleaders on Thursday October 4th with all auctions ending on Friday October 26th.last_img read more