Talking about the user as the center is the foundation of the website development

this topic has not been more novel, but I still want to say here, because after all, very few grassroots webmaster can really do it.

why can Ma Yun consolidate and expand his Alibaba Empire?. I think that Ma has always been user centric thinking has played a very important role. The website structure, what Ma Yun wants is to make the website that the user can be used; the safety on the transaction, Ma Yun rolls out sincere letter to pass, make the client can be sure to trade; client service is, always treat user with sincerity. What was it in exchange for the support of the vast numbers of users to Alibaba?. Just because Alibaba is for users to consider the website, is to help users make money site.

Google in China’s development process is frustrated, because the local Baidu occupy a very large market, user habits is a very difficult to change things. However, I personally feel that Google has done well both in terms of search engine technology and for users. I’ve just found that Google pictures have the ability to search by color, which undoubtedly saves more time for people looking for material pictures.

An executive at

Google once said, "we like the websites we like."". This sentence gives us a revelation, that is, user centric, is a necessary factor to do a good job of the site. Can you think about whether your website users like


users are the center of a web site. Without users, the value of your site is basically 0. Therefore, music reading network will always follow this principle, and strive to do the user’s favorite web site. Each design, each change by user preferences.

has a lot of space module QQ website, I have searched, but no one is I can satisfied, you may add a lot of things, whether original or false original, I can’t find my needs, I will not come again next time. First of all, the list of pure text makes me waste a lot of time. I don’t know what this module looks like. Is it what I want? Find a few, tired, turn off. Looking for other websites, this is also true, so there is no confidence, confidence in those sites, and no confidence in Baidu. Adding a thumbnail to the list shouldn’t be a difficult thing, did you?

suppose, if you can do the user centric, good for users to consider, what is the result? My other sites are not satisfied, not easy to find a search is easy to get good information website, I will keep up. Assuming that your IP is 2W every day (usually just by Baidu’s garbage collection), the traffic is pretty steady every day, but there are few repeat customers. Do what I say, every day, assuming that 5% of people will collect your web site, that is, 1000 people, 1000 people a day, a month is 3W, which is loyal users.

my language is poorly organized, so I rely on it

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