Small webmaster nets back to life, remember website content can be less, but don’t collect

this year, hand on the table before hosting the game server, there are a few years not expired, buy the domain name xxadmin to do a small station network, after several months of rain, learned some webmaster related knowledge, and later found that many site members worry about no space to do a website, especially small webmaster and those just learning from the novice. Later, I think, my server has 500G hard disk, why don’t you share it with everyone? That’s the way. The free space for small webmaster nets is on the line,


has just started, I saw a small webmaster to get my free space, feel a sense of accomplishment is very happy, but the beginning of free space, good times don’t last long, FTP appeared in the right, with a backdoor Trojan source program, then DOOS attacks, super traffic, illegal files and other undesirable phenomena…… For these reasons, I often lead to small station network interrupt and spider handshake, PR5 declined sharply, Baidu and Google began to K, then there is no way, but in 2009 August off the free space, the site began to stabilize, has been hovering above the PR3, search engines have begun to place the next half a month at all not updated my stand on an article, but I know that this phenomenon is short, I still published original articles diligently, to each big Adsense stand for a new article, for example: these website updated quickly site for nutrition, finally started in 8 by Baidu. Start every day, Google also included the start.

the next day because of good times don’t last long, busy, the site entrusted to a classmate generation for a week, just this week, a small station network was again K, PR dropped to 0, Google and Baidu included 0. Just a week, and the site from life to death. Here, many readers will ask: "what is K?" I will tell you why: I asked my classmates during the original in escrow, because of his busy, give me the website using the acquisition, but also a large number of acquisition, so a week get a collection from birth to death.

here, my purpose is to warn those convenience webmaster, website content can be less, but don’t use collection. Now my little stationmaster net after I delete the data collection, increase the original article at the end of September, Baidu and Google began to Baidu included, updated daily snapshot, after this lesson, after K may be reducing the chance, I hope my experience to help you. Finally, because the station was K, now is like a new station, if included in normal, webmaster resource class site want to link, please go to small Adsense nets submit, within 12 hours audit.

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