The content arrangement of local portal website is development kingly way

More and more

website, professional site more and more, from before the irregularities in the network environment, the network is now gradually moves towards the standardization route, the station without abundant funds or not invest in the site, it is difficult to become a good site, the PR value to 4 of the time, was GG as a good site, until now GG himself to the PR value as the evaluation standard that website is stupid, stop the PR value of the update, this news is a great disturbance on the PR value of the deadweight, stationmaster is of course a moment lost judgment standard, or seize the PR value as an important criterion to judge whether the site qualified some webmaster, published an article to explain this information early in the early before it has been released, credibility is not very high. The uneven table of speech… Reached a not reconciled to, no matter how not reconciled to, now PR value so long, really did not renew again.

In fact,

site development is a long process, only the development of their own content, timely, accurate, high degree of user experience to develop such a standard, there is no said the web development is not up, no site is K or drop right for us to say, search engine is just a tool. The development of our site can be about search engine, but the opposite is not, now many webmaster looking at search engines have the order reversed, preferences for the development of the site, so that it fell down, if our site information is very useful, timely, the search engine will certainly actively included in the US, the search engine does not depend on the amount of the site all the information to enrich their own? If you are not included in the search engine, the consequences will be what kind of


only enrich the content on the site, not the site do not rise, meaningless to exchange their Links every day, as well as some real timely news release on the website, can enhance the natural weight of the website, search engine is like the original site since ancient times, when the rise of blog, the blog of the weight it is easy to get the search engine’s weight, but this is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. station every day, in the unremitting update their site, perhaps the information content is not very useful, but did his writing and.

look at the current weight good site, the information is updated every day, but the reality is also very high, do not dare to say all is true and effective, but 80% of the content should be true, content is king is not a lot of data acquisition to their website, but try to have some of their own unique information one of the important means to improve the weight, this information is the site, if your site information is unique, but also by search engine exclusion words basically is unreasonable.

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