The madness of domain name investment, counter attack and subversion! The biggest risk in 2105 is to

2015 is destined to be a crazy year, the counter attack of the year, but also the subversion of the year, will leave the domain name on the thick and heavy in colours in the history of the development of a pen. But what is the domain name investment, should insist on the value of the investment, or should go to


many of our investment ideas and ideas have been turned over by the crazy market. Previously, from the unthinkable type of domain name began to enter the domain name news headlines, began to get on the Internet media headlines, previously will not register domain name Jiancang big brother, also began batch manual. Rushed in front of the people have taken advantage of the opportunity to earn pots full bowl. Later it is ahead. Is progress, retrogression, opportunity, or risk, perhaps only time to witness and verify one by one?.

said, "the biggest risk in 2015 is to wait and see.". This sentence is not reasonable, because all varieties of domain names are appreciated, as long as you have a domain name, you can reap a lot of profits. Wait and see, the chance is fleeting.

also has m friend said: batch, would rather kill not to be missed, put down the integrity,

immediately pick up the money!

integrity, all the way

yesterday, more than 2 in the morning when a price for several domain was seckill I wake up message, recently this feeling is good. Take a look at the mobile phone, is the 4 letter CN says, from the dozens of Yuan soared to 200 yuan, I carefully arranged trapezoidal distribution sentry has been eliminated, anecdotal is dawn team in action. In fact, I think we follow the trend of psychology in action, there are a large number of Jiancang, other people will follow jiancang.

then a friend gave me a WeChat message: "old, 4 letters CN quickly under the frame, the other 4 letter has come to an end, and finally thousands, would you like to make a


I replied, "forget it, no!"."

, he quipped, "now, you’re going to shoot your thighs again tomorrow."

I see. What he means is that I will regret it, because the opportunity is really like collecting money, not collecting money, stupid!


to tell you the truth, I don’t really feel anything about the 4 letter long tail. I haven’t thought about it since the beginning. Previously, I remind myself again and again, playing with the rice or have a little moral principle, should adhere to the value of investment, pure speculation domain or try not to play or play less. The long tail is too long, including the 3 letter, and the appreciation is very slow and difficult to sell. Some people say that this type is the Minister of the Millennium (homonym: Millennium does not rise), the only advantage is stability, or too slow.

I don’t feel anything about the variety, but in fact, the market is very sensitive to these varieties. 4 initials net, running all the way, with 4 initials, CN domain names keep abreast of, and even more than 4 initials cn signs. 4 letters, just after registration, the transaction market has exceeded 50 yuan mark. This is a few days ago

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