O2O 6 kinds of death, big market points, there is always a stab in you

idle, nothing to see the news, eyeful is XX project, the prime minister praised; XX project, NASDAQ listed; XX project, valuation of billions of dollars…… Jealous? The truth is you only see the O2O business beautiful bright side, but did not pay attention to the O2O martyrs have been shot dead after the waves on the beach. Want to know all kinds of things they took the lead to death? Let us dish —


1.2 dead

Death Index: 5 stars,

masterpiece: Fashion cat

now all walks of life began to aim at O2O this big fat meat, and want to go up and grab a bite, and the result has appeared a batch of pseudo demand. As Wang Gongquan, a senior partner at IDG venture capital, said, "there are no O on either side of O2O, and there’s only one " left in the middle," 2" said;.

for example to do door hair fashion cat pour in a pool of blood, this thing is not just to be not high, users are more willing to shop online booking to do other, do not make the home The atmosphere was foul. As a result, there are few users, only 2 dead.


was caught

Death Index: 5 stars,

representative: tick group

well…….. Don’t try to be crooked, okay? Remember, a mathematical method, called "pinching calculation", means that each of the two takes a numerical reduction, and eventually gets the closest answer to the truth.

, the goods on the O2O market is also a little wrong, the boss and the second noisy, noisy, and join forces to besiege the remaining small Hello, old three old four died. The tick group who had died in the group purchase market do before three sales, who wanted to meet us and hungry


3. dead

Death Index: 4 stars,

representative: Micro laundry

no user, the blind pursuit of the user, also die! Die! In all the time people with e bags wash $100 million of financing, the total of micro laundry in the corner. Once micro laundry is also widely favored by the industry of a project, the valuation reached 50 million.

how people died? Originally thought that every day a dozen orders, the results of an on-line day, orders more than 200. Happiness came too suddenly, too many users, the service has not kept up, and finally the great market cake to support themselves dead.

4. starved to death

Death Index: 4 stars,

stands for: CoCar, car rental,

enterprise is iron, capital is steel, to the horse running, do not eat grass to the horse, how can you? On this issue, the domestic P2P car rental area of the first death case, CoCar car rental is estimated to have the most say.


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