Talking about Pang Shengdong, founder of domain name

    Chinese Internet market once the achievements of Ding Lei, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ma Yun, Robin Li, Ma Huateng and a number of Internet entrepreneurs, if this story will continue, so Shengdong Pang and his is undoubtedly the most dazzling in subsequent versions of a star. Along with the professional blog site is no longer the scenery, SNS community website suddenly rises, some people assert that the new Internet era has arrived. "With the user demand for personalized application is more and more intense, the future of social networking sites is a very complete, why say it, because in this site you really have a sense of security, you will feel like in their own home feel very convenient. This includes a lot of applications and services. You can contact friends, listen to music, watch news, play games and so on." In an interview, Pang Shengdong described to us such a network of the Peach Garden.

is in this way, in 2005, Pang spent 980 thousand yuan to buy domain name, founder of social networking sites. This has now become China’s largest SNS community website, currently has nearly 500 employees. According to statistics in December 2008, the number of registered users of has reached 140 million, the monthly number of active users is close to 40 million, more than 1/4 registered users will log more than 18 times a month. They stayed on average for 41 minutes. So far, more than 5 billion photos have been uploaded on the Internet and 3 million diaries have been written.

Pang Shengdong:

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decided to invest in assets before founding, Pang Shengdong in the field of Internet has been working for 7 years, is China the first batch of "netizens", China’s first batch of personal webmaster, is actually from the network in Amoy to Diyitongjin entrepreneurs. After graduating from college, Pang Shengdong founded a number of personal websites, through membership fees, advertising win. The real turning point happened after he founded the website traffic statistics "unified", through the traffic statistics web site, he found the real needs of users Chinese, understand network behavior of Internet users habits, for his next step in the development of the Internet foundation. Later, Pang Shengdong sold the "whole world" to another famous traffic statistics company in China, and began to prepare for another peak in his career.

2005, Pang Shengdong’s family moved from Ningbo to Shanghai, "from the general trend of view, Shanghai is the next ten years or even twenty years, the world’s most lively, the most opportunity place, talent and funds are also the most."." See from Pang Shengdong to Shanghai is not difficult to judge, this time in his mind is brewing a more ambitious plan, this is Ningbo’s "minor" can not meet the. In the same year, he set off a sort of waves — to 980 thousand yuan to buy domain name in the industry, the record at the time of the national domain name high, some people admire his courage. "

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