Wang Tong China’s most promising web site – community China

(one of the series of business model innovation studies)

these years China Internet projects, mostly to imitate the American model, the original model is too little, especially for only two or three years, most of the way to imitate the old beauty although fooled a lot of risk investment, but most are still facing a dead end. Therefore, the site in the business model, we can no longer imitate, to innovation. Today, I’m talking with you about an absolutely original website — community China, which has just started, but its operating team is absolutely domestic, and the business model is absolutely original.

: CEO:

1. Website location analysis

community, China this site is not engaged in BBS, but a residential area around the service life of a web service platform. This is a very innovative location. It’s more than the campus network, video network, aggregation network and so on under web2.0. These so-called "Web2.0" websites are designed to attract us more from offline to online. Online for a long time, both physical and mental health will be negative. And community China is able to help us a lot from the line to the next line, to enrich our line of residential life.

how many residential areas in every Chinese city? If only the online service platform in China’s middle and high grade residential district is ready, it will be very big.

two, website architecture analysis,

around the area can provide services too complex, how to use the website platform, clear for the user to provide the corresponding service at the same time, can be very good in the website operation strategy combining? The original owner of the Chinese community website is very messy, and the new version of the Chinese community website to take the design style but, the site structure, also take the framework of four levels:

1, terminus:

provides a real web technology platform and operational guidance, home to take a simple "search + navigation" design style.

2, local sub station:

around the theme of the site, to be more in-depth and offline combination, so different cities have a local sub station. A local operator is also required to operate.

3, community website:

provides a theme website for each community, and has various functions to meet the needs of users. At the same time, it needs an administrator on the network to operate and manage it.

4, near the district merchant website:

provides an online platform for businesses around the area to promote and display their products and services.

through these four levels of design, the content of the landscape is very large and complex, but the entire web site on the service

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