Win, Win, Win!

first_imgIt has become obvious that some institutions will do anything to win.  For example, Louisville basketball has been severely penalized by the NCAA for their recruiting violations.  There is a large investigation going on pertaining to shoe companies’ involvement in directing players to specific universities.  The shoe companies make huge profits when highly successful universities endorse their products.    This, again, helps certain universities get the best athletes.It has now filtered down to high schools and below.  High school athletes are changing schools in larger numbers each year.  They do so under the guise that they are going there to help their education.  Everyone suspects they are doing so to further their athletic careers.Now it has even gone to the lower levels of athletics.  Just recently I heard a report that a younger brother of an NBA star has been offered a shoe contract even though he is still in middle school and at least 6 years from playing college ball.  When will it end?last_img

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