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soft role in the development of the site too wonderful for words if you have experience, will certainly know, a soft paper can make your site search included a smooth, soft article also can let your instant increase of hundreds of the chain, a soft paper can make some good achievements in promoting his business, I read the nest once wrote a lot of text, here to share several recently I used soft writing techniques.

be the abbreviation

Remember when

primary school this article writing often use for now, if you can’t write, try in stationmaster net look at a few days, and then summarize the experience for some articles is also a good way, if you see an article somewhere on the not enough and you on this a better understanding of it, at this point it will be out is a very good article.


is a flashback books or movies often use a kind of method, we will have such a situation many times, but often inspired by the first few sentences do not know how to write the result can not write, this time I usually use the flashback method, is the first to write the second half, there might be at the beginning of a perfect idea and add articles after the writing, or there is no way to stop a few days later, may write the whole and on a level.


Here is

up my own name, like this article, mainly "expanding abbreviations" "flashback" "123 style" and other aspects, in just a few days before he had the idea for this time to start writing a few ideas, now say this method first used is expanding, I put this I first placed in the period of the first, and then a layer of expansion, the article is a center clear out. The advantage of writing is clear thinking, and people who see you can see what your article means.

When we have many

webmaster friends know the benefits of soft is because you think you can’t write without pen, I just started doing so in the later see more feel the need to release a try in A5 to write 3 articles but only passed one, even if this is sufficient to make me feel pleased, then write much more and more smoothly, the process of writing is to verify that a method can also learn a lot of things. So writing soft text this thing is not difficult, the key is you want to start,


poor writing style, here to share experience with you, but also do something to attract people’s attention. Hey, also recommend their own station, read nest novel network

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