Judge Faces Federal Obstruction Charges For Allegedly Playing “Hide the Illegal Immigrant” from ICE

first_imgFederal Prosecutors say no judge is above the law and have charged a Massachusetts Judge and court officer with preventing immigration from arresting a previously deported undocumented suspect who was in her courtroom on drug and other charges.Federal prosecutors charged the Massachusetts judge with obstruction of justice Thursday, saying helped the twice-deported illegal criminal escape the grasp of ICE after a state court hearing by allowing him to leave the courthouse through a back door. The indictment accuses District Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph and a court officer, Wesley MacGregor, of allowing the immigrant to leave the courthouse, out of a federal agent’s sight, and lying about it later. Both have plead not guilty.“This prosecution is absolutely political. Shelley Joseph is absolutely innocent,” an attorney for the Massachusetts judge said just now after she pleaded not guilty to obstruction charges for allegedly helping an undocumented immigrant escape ICE. pic.twitter.com/4eYkmab5Vs— Joey Garrison (@joeygarrison) April 25, 2019 According to Federal prosecutors, the judge had ordered the ICE agent to wait out in the lobby for the inmate while she allegedly conspired with the court officer on how to prevent the illegal immigrant’s capture.The obstruction charges carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison.The two were released without having to post bond. Both have to surrender their passports and are restricted from traveling outside the U.S.MacGregor, who is licensed to carry, must surrender his firearm. Prosecutors alleged that during an April 2018 court hearing in Newtown, Mass., Joseph and MacGregor allowed the Dominican national, detained on drug and outstanding warrant charges, to leave the courthouse from a downstairs back door after the judge instructed an immigration agent to wait in the hallway outside her courtroom. The migrant, later identified as Jose Medina-Perez, had previously been deported from the United States twice before – in 2003 and in 2007 – and had been barred from re-entering the country until 2027.Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials learned of Medina-Perez’s detention following his March 30, 2018, arrest when local police submitted his fingerprints to the national law enforcement database. The fingerprint notification prompted ICE officials to issue a detainer, requesting local police to alert them within 48 hours of any planned release.last_img

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