Refuting the DG program will not work in China

just read an article and probably said that the DIG program doesn’t work at home. It raises some thinking (I also use a dig program to play with one station).

in fact, dig is just a kind of application, we too care about the concept, I think, should not talk about the concept, the concept is just a kind of person to do the Internet chat, should not give Internet users, Internet users are innocent, not to mention the Internet did not need to know these, they don’t have the time, Chinese the level of netizens is not enough! Is more about a user experience, began to use the Internet as the earliest, is evolved from BBS, so far, BBS is still a form of evolution


school, potatoes and so on, think about it, is not the same as the community, the dig program is also the community, this cannot be denied! We usually see the news website, in fact, can also be regarded as community, just ban users published! So, I want to say that the development of the Internet today, originally only community evolution. So, very good now! SNS mode, only the profit model, no breakthrough! As for the dig program in China is feasible, in my opinion it is ridiculous to talk about


more than just personal views! Share, communication is the essence of the Internet! More than Chinese shocking network is a advertising for it, however, because Baidu has not included, in order to included, have to paste the address, next time not in the promotion of this website, because users not hope webmaster! Under the consideration of


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