Peng Wenxi small and medium-sized website promotion strategy under the network promotion

ADMIN5 friends are on the Internet SEO strategy, based on the experience of my own website, go out from the Internet to see the network promotion methods, methods of the following is mostly for small sites, some are not suitable for a large site, hope the webmaster friends in flexible use the article, after more exchanges and sharing. The following goes directly to the topic:

, a local media, a local newspaper what, can make the products supply and demand information on the website published in the newspaper, for example, we have a local recruitment website published within a week of the local talent recruitment information on every Monday, most of the candidates will be specially to buy this issue, a newspaper the site also has its own interests, good publicity, mutual benefit and win-win. Of course, the site operator can also publish their website publications in newsstands or free gift, the latter is better, free information, the average person is very vulnerable, but also lost a good publicity method.

two, the party line activities, poly popularity is out of the site can be appropriate to engage in some activities outside the box jade, leveraging the power, such as flower type site in Valentine’s day in the local scope of activities, a single party, people love a lover’s holiday, no can also prepare for a Valentine’s day, a single party interactive link, give their love of flowers, flowers of the business will naturally come, of course, some activities for the sake of customers, don’t always think of their promotion, which is also the word, everyone happy, you’re happy your website, have the effect of publicity.

three, Internet desktop and homepage promotion, each city has a lot of Internet cafes, so that we can cooperate with the boss of the bar, in the bar on the desktop wallpaper something beautifully crafted wallpaper, leaving the site, also can bring their own web site set for the home, so that the local people on the network will be part of you browsing the site, to strengthen the publicity, is also highly targeted.

four, the amount of TV ads, newspaper ads, outdoor advertising, advertising is money, so it should be appropriate to avoid unnecessary costs, according to the analysis of your website, you can in the bus, some advertising and other high traffic areas of buildings, such as the local forum in the operation to a certain extent in these places we usually put into advertising, open the web page to browse.

five, seize some unique opportunities, such as last year’s Olympic torch relay, a lot of people selling Olympic shirts, the webmaster can seize this opportunity to wholesale some Olympic shirts, printed on your own website address, such as my website address, printed on the shirt back to write on the Olympic Games, the passion of the slogan, the cost of sales or a cheaper price, the relay your traffic will certainly have a big increase, and will leave a large number of users, but also improve the website of local influence and visibility. People are afraid of famous, the website is not afraid of famous, a famous, popularity will come up, like QQ have such a large membership popularity, they shipped