Will tell stories, explore unique values, vertical electricity supplier how to lead her economy.

There is a saying in the

business world: "women and children have the best money."". The former is changeable and often shopping; the latter parents are happy to spend money on them. With the promotion of social level, women no longer depend on men, make money for themselves, and spend more and more women themselves. Women’s money, supported by ZARA, H&, M and other entities franchise stores, raised the beautiful, mogujie.com and other community fashion media, but also the birth of music Feng Network and other professional network operators. Even if the financial crisis, women will buy Skirts, buy lipstick, and even abroad under the lipstick theory of the financial crisis, we can see how much energy she has.

then, how do vertical suppliers earn women’s money? How do you lead her economy?


1. tells stories and explores unique values.

Vertical electricity supplier

good, we must tell the story, to find their own unique value through the story, and the formation of irreplaceable brand.

there are two paths: one is the jumei.com way, using directed and starred in the story, attracting attention from women, a woman’s perspective, wrote "woman behind" promotion of products, and then transformed into a considerable consumption; another road, Chanel road. Chanel will tell the story, no matter is the founder of coco Chanel in her life with a "noble" achievement in their own fashion empire, or Marilyn Monroe wearing Chanel No. 5 only to sleep, this story, the achievements of Chanel fashion empire, let every woman to her products in droves.

relative price war, marketing war, advertising campaign, the brand value formed by the story, the subsequent promotion cost is lower, more popular. The key is that you can talk all the time without losing the value added to the price, marketing, and advertising as the promotion disappears.

2. uses O2O to lead differentiation, creating a unique buying experience.

Taobao, the Jingdong and other electronic business platform, has occupied a large entrance of user traffic, not to mention the beauty said, mogujie.com power, the flow of imported them into Taobao, how can the vertical monopoly platform strong, blaze a new trail in


Taobao short rib is that he is a big platform, it is difficult to control quality; Jingdong although own mall goods quality controllable, but in addition to the advantages of logistics, he did not give users more differentiated experience. If the vertical electricity supplier to provide a unique purchase experience, then it is not a link to the formation of differentiated ecological chain, thus avoiding the edge of the platform electricity supplier?.

vertical electricity supplier advantage lies in the focus, if combined with O2O, very lethal. For example, like the diamond bird that can rent cheap business building products display, allowing users to experience relatively, Taobao can not see or touched, users will not buy up feeling more grounded (after all, many women dare not buy clothes in Taobao, even with a different picture; afraid to buy of > in Taobao