The essential difference between Market Research and user research

, it seems that this line of business is still a bit narrow, and there are not many people who pay attention to it. Based on the experience that two fields have done and are still groping in this field, I would like to mention something:

1) market research and user research are not really different in nature,

why do you say that? It is because the market and user research are in fact research, research on user / consumer behavior, mode of action, inner needs, how to affect these users / consumers.

, for example, prior to the milk producers to do market research will be to study the user demand for milk and milk products of cognition are produced, which draw from > – lactic acid beverage containing fruit granules; > complement vitamin > energizing and similar consumer demand and map. Do user research has on the user’s perception of the network, from the real ID card information: > > security features (of course, special conditions of some examples disclose).

The study of

essence, are based on user / insight into consumer demand, build user / consumer understanding of the cognitive model of a product / service, in order to find can affect the user / consumer behavior in this one, especially the key point of purchase or use behavior, so as to achieve the purpose of business.

2) advanced requirements differ from

of course, the same thing, in different needs, may also present a completely different two appearance, market research and user research is one of the differences between advanced demand difference.

The so-called

demand, refers to the view from the report stretched, landing to the actual work time, these studies which have guiding significance to the reality (usually the more experienced researchers will face problems), from the influence on reality, focus on Market Research in marketing the focal point of work, and user research is relatively more focused on product design, especially the design of Internet products.

this difference needs landing, is actually caused by market research professionals, to the concept of marketing is not only clear, and has its own unique point of view, and user research professionals, more need to have the relevant knowledge of interaction design, product experience, working in their respective jobs.

, for example, is also a study for a user / consumer perception of the product market, the results of the study is to tell the business, how to sell this product (related to the selection of the target population, advertising appeals, advertising channels, product pricing and so on), and the results of the study are to tell users the enterprise. What products need to have core functions, need to design what, in what place with tips, what kind of visual effects and so on.

3) maturity is different,

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