The end of the college entrance exam, officially entered the webmaster circle

today is finally finished the college entrance examination, I have been at home and didn’t go to school a few days ago, stayed at home for two months, nearly three months, in the home, I am not the taste, is also very sad, but my boyfriend Doug help in Doug’s help, I first step understanding the website, also know stationmaster net famous A5, A5 station will be on the website, this sentence is right, I am not here for A5 advertising, indeed, as a webmaster, A5 is indeed a good platform for the exchange, then A5, I also learned a lot off site, SEO site optimization, internal optimization, in short, there are many, are on the A5. Again here also want to thank A5 this platform, webmaster will go up the website! Have time to see my previous article, high school to the young girls into the webmaster circle, learn to do weight loss. Stand, maybe everyone will understand my heart……

09 years of college entrance examination has finally passed, there is a saying good, no matter how good and bad, to participate is a pride, perhaps this can give us the only comfort.

today, I finally realized that a friend said to me a word, not on the third year, that is not high school. I don’t know why it’s so sudden, I know, maybe high school will really teach us to grow up.

this year’s college entrance examination, give me more is touched, from the test center to set up love, help point, to the roadside love test car, and those cars flying green ribbon, brought to me, are moving.


exam, my high school is so over, do not bad, his two or three months have not been to school, do not expect to get what surprising results, don’t be ashamed to have a notice, no better, no what. I think there should be some. In the group with everyone said that the answer has come out, ask if there is no one, but no one answered, maybe we all choose to escape, even if nothing can escape, at least, tonight can do nothing. 09 years in the evening of July 8th, you can do nothing.

this is the end, up more than 5 points after no longer this morning, no longer have to wait more than 10 not to sleep, but my heart has an indescribable emptiness, there may be some sad, do not know what the sad, do not know what good sad the.

that’s all over, my high school, my classmate.

on the web site, I want to say, I will continue to continue to lose weight, I stand, the college entrance examination has been completed, I can calm down to do stand, no longer have to worry about the problem of college entrance examination, I feel free, although there is some confusion, and some lost, but there is a website I will do well. Now I have a strong interest in the website, so I won’t give up. If I don’t do well in the exam, I don’t get an ideal school, maybe I’ll give up on a general university. I want to study websites, networks, and I want to go

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