How to venture capital, experience, contacts is the success of the 3 magic weapon

entrepreneurial success is the dream of most young people, but there are a variety of entrepreneurial complexity. This is some people some confusion, entrepreneurs must have 3 treasure: money, experience, contacts. I believe you have these 3 treasure, your success is not far away. What are the entrepreneurial success methods?


money is simply money, any one just to start a business, will be up against the problem of money directly. The problem will always be with entrepreneurs. Small businesses need to have a small career money, big business needs to have a big cause of money, such as Li Chaoren, will borrow money in the stock market, to borrow money from the bank to invest in future communications. As long as the cause, you will always need the power of money.


when learning to what time he will form that experience. To ask what is the content of a computer science department, he would not know how much, in the same way, to ask questions about the liberal arts mathematics, he is also very difficult to answer. Learn what, get what.

in the brain and you pay attention to your behavior. What kind of knowledge do you have in your mind when you decide your life?. Pay attention to what you do and what you are doing.

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