Women’s goal in Arabia

first_imgThere are many that, scattered around the stadium filled with three parts, can be seen. Two here, another there, a group several rows above. They are still a minority, okay, but they just conquered something that was now forbidden. Freedom to choose where to sit. One more replica of the earthquake that has opened the country in the last three years, with Prince Mohamed Bin Salman. As few wear niqab, the black scarf that only allows you to see their eyes, almost all of them go with their faces exposed and that, a year ago, was also strange, it was almost forbidden. How to drive, like a women’s league. Replicas that we Westerners see mild, but you can not go from the middle to the 21st century in a year and for them, this yesterday, today and Sunday, is like the time that Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. “A small step for man, but a great step for mankind.” “I hope it stays“one whispers. Follow it when this Super Cup goes out. That is the real battle. That we leave but that woman can continue to sit in King Abdullah wherever she wants with her son. The referee just whistled the rest of Valencia-Real Madrid. She climbs the stairs of King Abdullah from her son’s hand. I look at her. He wears a long navy green robe, bare hair, beautiful face. She looks at me. I’m in the press gallery in a row where we have sat four women and two men journalists. Then he smiles at me. A full, immense smile. Lasts two seconds, but screams very loudly. It’s the smile of a day for history. For the first time in Jeddah he could see mixed football between men and without separating in the stadium that poster that continues to separate in many places in the city. ‘Family only’.last_img

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