Another spy: the FEF censors Paco Díez for mistrust

first_imgThat day, the RFEF informed everyone that there was a complaint in progress against the institution. So the president of the Cantabra, Peláez, charged against the person who would have done that (“it is a shame”), without mentioning any name, considering that it is a time when unity is urgent and, above all, not to be false to the truth. Then it was learned that the person Rubiales was referring to was Paco Díez.Thus, at the next meeting, on April 3, the leaders of the RFEF assured that they were aware that institutions other than theirs knew details, with hair and signs, of the last meeting. Someone had distributed a recording. Everyone looked at and suspected Diez, so the presidents, one by one, asked him to ask for forgiveness and to leave. He did not: “I have not recorded. As it was not my dog ​​…” he said.In this situation, the RFEF suspended the Presidents Commission, ensuring that it would not convene it again with Díez. Said and done: it has not been celebrated again. Next week there is an intention to try again. We will see if Diez, who has sent a letter to the presidents reinforcing his position, is or is not. With Rubiales he doesn’t even try anymore because he hasn’t received him in a long time. “What has been shown is that they do record,” he reflects. At least one hour before that summit, the RFEF must send you a password so that you can connect to it. We will be watching Netflix. The movements in the middle of the confinement in the institutions give for a police series of Netflix. Disputes between the Federation, LaLiga and AFE for him Audios Case, which have led to two complaints to the RFEFThey were not the only ones. There are also accusations in another direction. The protagonist is the president of the Madrileña, Paco Díez. He was the one who filed a complaint against Rubiales and Camps (its secretary general), now investigated for allegedly falsifying official documentation ahead of the elections. For this reason and on the suspicion that he has recorded the last meetings by videoconference to deliver them to third parties, Díez has been vetoed by the RFEF to participate in the Presidents Commission. “It has broken the circle of trust,” say federal sources.This whole battle comes from afar. According to the environment of Paco Díez, since he ran to help the candidate Larreadolphin Thebes. Something that has no weight since others, like Antonio Escribano (Castilla-La Mancha), who also supported him, have had no problems. Later, Díez was watched and warned by the RFEF last year for some alleged irregular practices with the accounts of his organization, at the same time as the president of the Territorial it was weaving better relations with the increasingly harsh opposition against Rubiales and at the same time a front led by Jesus Peramos (ex of AFE in the time of Luis in command) promoted a motion of censure against him. The arrival of Casillas to the electoral scene did not help temper the spirits, since Paco Díez has taken his side publicly, in the same line as The league, that a good sector of footballers and even that Prince, his rival once and now a partner. But it was at the end of March, at a meeting of territorial presidents, via telematics, that everything was blown up.last_img

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