What kind of principles should be used to display goods

do a good job related to the display of goods for the store’s business development will have what kind of role? Really will promote the store business to get better development? A good display of goods can not only facilitate and stimulate customers to buy, but also can play a display of goods, save space, beautify the shopping environment, improve the image of the enterprise products and brands, and other important role. An effective display of goods can lead to a desire to buy, and to promote the purchase of action.

according to statistics, 70% of customers said the store’s merchandise display is to attract them into the store, the store, such as the right to use the product configuration and display technology, sales can be improved on the original basis of 10%. The form of commodity display is not the same according to the type of commodity, but no matter what kind of display form, must comply with the following principles:

1, conspicuous

display of goods, should be the most want to sell the goods on display in the position and height of the most prominent, which means the effective range of display showcase in the most conspicuous height, in order to attract customers to sell goods to Jian line.

2, adequate volume of

sufficient volume is the primary principle of commodity display, because the display to commodity quantity to attention and interest all guests.

3, clear classification

display of goods to facilitate customers to visit and purchase, placing goods made of categories, according to the different characteristics of each commodity and the purchase order requirements, which is convenient for the customers to compare selection between different color, quality and price.

4, centralized display

with the same type of goods on display in the adjacent shelves or location, in order to facilitate the customers more easily in accordance with the type of concentration to find their own brand or variety.

5, easy to take easy to restore

if the customer choose to buy goods inconvenient, or take back to put a lot of trouble, Xing Hao again can not play a good display of the purpose of promoting sales, but also not conducive to the clerk tally.

6, safe and stable

display to highlight the visual effect, but also to pay attention to safety, to take into account the stability of the stacked goods, to ensure the safety of customer shopping.

7, complete

commodity display should try to ensure that a brand or series of products can complete at the same time, focus on display, so that >

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