Ningxia migrant workers return home venture secured 100 thousand yuan loan

in the past 20 years, China’s western region, a serious outflow of population, most of them went to the Middle East to engage in entrepreneurship. In order to encourage the return of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to return home entrepreneurs will be given 100 thousand yuan secured loans to help start their business easily start.

to meet the conditions of the home business personnel, to give the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan business loans, the longest period of two years, the financial department shall according to the provisions of the loan discount; after the expiration of the period can be extended 1 year extension does not discount.

on the return of new agricultural business entities entrepreneurs founded, labor-intensive small businesses, can give the maximum amount of not more than 2 million yuan of business loans in accordance with the regulations, and give the financial discount loans benchmark interest rate 50%.

allows migrant workers entrepreneurship, returning students, family residence, temporary lease housing, commercial housing in accordance with the safety, environmental protection, fire and other requirements of the registration of business places.

without business registration network business practitioners, can be identified as flexible employment, flexible employment support policies to enjoy the same.

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