What is not in place to UNQLO crisis public relations

a hot UNIQLO event triggered a huge controversy, the business nature is subject to no small impact, many people are concerned about the news itself, but few people pay attention to the problem of UNIQLO crisis public relations.

when WeChat circle of friends to see the July 14th night "video Shuabing UNIQLO door", I think his mind only one word: video surveillance.

the first "video" no wretched child molester the evil, because from the visual point of view, it is self. I think the UNIQLO response was used to fight with video video, surveillance video shop fitting room outside that pose and public relations marketing, this is not out of their UNIQLO note, surveillance camera really installed outside in the fitting room.

After all, if it is

can only provide a picture, pictures, only their Logo and not very sincere official like the interpretation of text. This could explain what the problem? What is nothing, but a little more feeling.

remember a few months ago a public event, when you call to see surveillance video to prove the rationality of the surveillance video shot, no delay, and hot extraordinary, surveillance video finally extinguished almost instantly be long in coming, but the fire "".

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