Panlong District to create an environment to fully stimulate the huge potential investment

a good social environment is very helpful to the entire social entrepreneurship activities, constantly optimize some entrepreneurial environment throughout the park in Sichuan Panlong District, attracting a lot of entrepreneurs to participate in.

Panlong District to optimize the business environment, by vigorously carry out entrepreneurship training and promote entrepreneurship shop one-time subsidy policy implementation, allowing entrepreneurs to achieve zero cost electricity supplier "test the water". The area is free to hold the 2014 Panlong District college students online entrepreneurship training classes to take the 2+5 mode, 129 entrepreneurs for the initial start-up of the entrepreneurial training shop for 2 days. And for the 32 who have set up shop or about to start a shop to carry out 5 days of one on one practical training. At present, a total of 4 training, there are 345 young entrepreneurs to participate, including one of the participants in a hands-on training 131. At the same time, Panlong District government invested 200 thousand yuan each year to give subsidies to shop, since the introduction of the policy in July 29th, the widespread concern of entrepreneurs, has been registered for consultation.

for entrepreneurs, optimize the whole social entrepreneurial environment is a very important business links, but also will promote the local social entrepreneurship activities, currently in Panlong District have made a series of good business development. < / recommendation

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