How about Suzhou leopard Buffet

in our daily life, the most favorite form of food and beverage is probably a buffet, so you spend less money to eat full. The buffet, as the name suggests is a variety of food ready for the customer to pick up. This dining form originated in Scandinavia before the meal type cold ad 8 – eleventh Century "Nordic" and "hunt breakfast (Hunt breakfast)". It’s a good choice to open a cafeteria. So what is a good selection of items? Xiao Bian recommended for you Suzhou leopard buffet.

how about Suzhou leopard buffet

with the spread of Western food to China after the buffet of the way to bring food to our country. The dining way first appeared in the hotel opened in 1930s in China foreigners, make it real and China people contact, is in the late 1980s, with the Chinese opening, the emerging tourism Joint Venture Hotel, the hotel will be extended to the Chinese buffet catering market, buffet in its various forms, rich dishes, comprehensive nutrition, low price, simple meals and well received by consumers, especially young people, children of all ages.

is now a very popular way to everyone, and a buffet buffet buffet is a professional brand, enjoy a high reputation.

leopard international delicacy Parkway in October 2003 successfully landed China market, creating a leopard in the first delicacy service line. Word of mouth and a certified full open kitchen, service and benefit consumers excellent, make leopard with Chinese all five star hotels compete brand competitiveness, and strengthening the brand based on the expanded force leopard in other areas. At present, money Hotel Panther catering group owns international delicacy Parkway, gold can the wedding, the International Conference Center, four gold catering business.

above is only a simple introduction to the Suzhou leopard buffet, if you have any other questions you want to know, please leave a message on our website, we will contact you when you see the message.

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