Handan increase investment to invest billions of dollars to build trade and Logistics City

Handan city in the northeast of our country, to in recent years in this area, the local government is also active in the development of economy, vigorously, in recent times, there are many large projects settled in this place.

7 10, the end of Handan city key project for a period of three days of concentrated demonstration activities, more than 120 City, county and municipal departments responsible for two persons in each county (city, district) 4 hundred million yuan project site, real name, line rating score. To seize the "cadres, two key projects, Handan force continued around the big project, the first half of the provincial and municipal key projects completed investment 11 billion yuan, 44 billion 960 million yuan, accounting for 57.4% of the plan, the operating rate of 56.2%, provincial and municipal key projects reached 75% and 85.9% respectively, 12 billion yuan investment in the city and a number of Huayao large air plant project.

to stimulate the enthusiasm of cadres to the project, Handan city will focus on projects in the leadership cadre evaluation system, for two consecutive years ranked bottom or three consecutive years ranked three in the county (city, district), development zone, will give the "yellow card" warning and adjust the main leadership positions in government. Focus on the overall economic and social development of the project is not only a matter of urgency, but also a long-term plan, can not sit, can not afford, slow!" Handan municipal Party committee secretary Gao Hongzhi said that in the current complex economic situation, we must persevere to hold ningxinjuli development of the bid, all production factors and measures must be brought together to the key projects.

glued to a large precision investment project. This year, the city of Handan to set up a business, development and reform, industry, science and technology, and other municipal departments as the main four municipal professional recommendation

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