Shed changed aunt was 5 suites to create a millionaire

in China, due to the continuous development of urbanization in recent years, the whole society, there has been a relatively special crowd, that is, in every city in China there are a large number of households.

21 early in the morning, in the various departments and carefully organize the villagers under the strong cooperation of 6 villages in Lucheng shantytowns area a started signing. As of yesterday, 17, signing rate reached 90.37% . Signing the scene, looking forward to a beautiful new home and the future of a happier life, the villagers face a bright smile.

"before signing, before the election room" is an important principle in the shantytowns. It is understood that in order to be able to choose their own satisfaction of new homes as soon as possible, early in the contract two days before the start of the 6 villages including Hao Jia Fu Cun, a district of the villagers, began spontaneously to the village sign command queue. Because the weather is very hot, the headquarters staff in the setting of queue buffer, to maintain good order at the same time, but also specifically to the villagers to build a sunshade issued timely, drinking water, to do the service guarantee.

to demonstrate transparency, at this time, outside the headquarters of the big screen, the villagers signed in real time according to the sequence, generating the sequence number of the election room several village overall. Many villagers gathered in front of the screen, while staring at the screen, while talking excitedly, joy shows between the lines.

for signing bonus during this period, the signing of the villagers, will enjoy the rewards given by the government. Such as the signing of the contract after the signing period, you can not enjoy these incentives recommended

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