Shopping malls settled these problems you need to consider

large shopping malls, large passenger flow, more opportunities, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about the place. There are a lot of entrepreneurs want to open the store in the mall, so you can rely on a huge shopping mall traffic, save a lot of publicity costs, but also do business. But if you want to shop at the mall, some problems must be considered in advance, you still need to calculate several accounts.

if open a new store in the mall, shopping malls in order to ensure the operation, avoid businessmen cheat customer volumes of money to escape something, usually requires investors to pay a deposit. Usually an area of forty or fifty square meters of shops, deposit at $fifty thousand or sixty thousand. The deposit will not be returned until investors withdraw from the mall.

if the investor’s budget is 100 thousand yuan, it will become a 150 thousand yuan now.

the mall to see how to register

there are some large shopping malls, shopping malls is the cashier then monthly for businesses. Most of the shopping malls are taken to the point of personal access to the mall, some stores will be delayed when the checkout, why delay? He can take your money to invest in other places, ah, this mall must not enter, because if the working capital is not enough, it will drag you down.

is pumped into the mallThe rent is

the renovation costs you say not

cost in purchase there

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