Dry cleaners need standardization

now dry cleaning market is very broad, in such a vast market, a large chain brand, but also a lot of shops, business is not standardized, not only affects the operation of shops, for the development of the industry also has a very large negative. In short, as a dry cleaning shop, especially small and medium dry cleaners, objectively speaking, although it can not be said to be in the strict sense of the enterprise, but the sparrow is small, five internal organs".

Planning, organization, leadership and control of the

dry cleaning shop operator cannot do without the work, cannot do without the rational allocation of production and business activities of the operation, and make full use of various resources, so that the dry cleaners as far as possible to get the best social and economic benefits, promote the steady and healthy development of dry cleaners.

dry cleaners need to standardize the management of

dry cleaners are not perfect system, the team is not stable enough, management is not standardized. These problems are particularly prominent in many small and medium dry cleaners. Dry cleaners in the course of operation, or rely on individual rights, or rely on their own experience, or by whim, random and strong, poor management.

Xitang effect of

quality and customer satisfaction from service standard and scientific management, and clean, crisp, clean clothes and effect, and caring service is dry cleaning and de facto brand reputation. Customer recognition and recognition of the dry cleaning of the formation of the sense of belonging and the overall evaluation, that is, the brand of dry cleaners. Therefore, the quality of service quality and service attitude comes from the scientific and standardized management, and scientific and standardized management has created the brand value of dry cleaners.

dry cleaners need to standardize the service

dry cleaning industry has the characteristics of service, etiquette and manual operation. Clothing Xitang effect and service attitude and service quality, depends largely on the practitioners of good occupation morality, rigorous work attitude, rich practical experience and proficient skills, the requirements for employees is very high.

to meet the requirements for the practitioners of high quality modern dry cleaning industry, dry cleaners must establish reasonable and normative and perfect rules and regulations, the implementation of standardized services, so that the work of dry cleaners to achieve program and system, do dry cleaning shop management system, employee behavior norms, customer service standard. Only in this way, the dry cleaners to create their own brand value.

dry cleaners need to strengthen quality awareness

and other industries, the dry cleaning industry technology content is low, manual workload, moreover, the clothing material is different, the color fastness is different, the pollution situation is different, should take the cleaning care workers >

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