Store not to ask yourself these questions

we set up shop to do business, of course, hope that the business is booming, but the fact is not as we wish. We feel that we have been very hard, but found that the store business is not good, how to do? Store is not prosperous, ask yourself these questions.

1, the signs can be attractive?

2, store appearance attractiveness can have?

3, parking entrance convenience?

4, the door can be physically convenient, psychological warmth?

5, the store can be dark clean?

6, the entry and exit of the customer’s essential configuration?

7, the current activities have a heart to heart introduction?

8, the store can be clear picture?

9, focusing on the implementation of goods can be well understood?

10, the main road can lead customers to the depths of the road?

11, the key node of the product charm can attract customers to stop and continue?

12, assistant road length and width of the high degree of warmth to the customer?

13, service station position can be set in the first link? Cashier position can be convenient?

14, the quality and quantity of display fullness?

15, the main push products, sub push products, other commodities planning?


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