Two strategies for successful marketing of entrepreneurs

entrepreneurs in business, to learn marketing. A successful marketing tool is the guarantee of selling things. When talking with people, be sure to keep up with the rhythm of others, to seize the consumer psychology, to a certain extent to reach resonance! Here are two sales tips!

A: addition of   marketing strategy; " others overestimate " items


in material with money refers to the goods in the evaluation of others, deliberately overestimated its prices, so as to make each other happy, get better psychological compatibility. For example, a very good style to buy a suit, B know the market, this clothes can be bought two hundred or three hundred yuan. B in the evaluation, said: " this suit is good, I am afraid that four hundred or five hundred yuan? " a listen to laugh, happy to say: " brother wrong, I bought 220 yuan! "

Here is on the

underestimate others;

is nothing but the numerous living beings, people of every description, the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes passer-by. But who wants to be young forever, not to go to the past. So adults are very sensitive to their age. If a young man in his early thirty is seen as a middle-aged man, will he be free?

because of the widespread fear of old adult psychology, so " people aged " became reduced; love speaking skills. This technique is characterized by each other’s age as small as possible, so that the other party feel young, maintenance, etc., resulting in a psychological satisfaction. For example, a more than and 30 year old man, you say he looks only at the age of, a person of the age of more than and 60, you say he looks only at the age of, such as " beautiful error "

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