What are the target customers of the local style bar Where should go

now open a very distinctive bar, there is a market, as long as the positioning precision, but also the place enough hot, so business will be booming, the key is if the operation of local customs bar, which is its target customers? Where should I go?


luxurious decoration of the bar, as far as possible in the bustling downtown, entertainment city or large commercial center nearby. These large stream of people, easy to be contaminated with the commercial atmosphere, but the shop rent odd high, non general small operators can afford. Local style bar mainly rely on a unique style and personality to attract customers, so do not necessarily choose the location of the above location.

Next to the

by the above description, whether you have on the local customs bar of this project have a more understanding? If you want to set up a wealth of business, this will not be the first choice for your business?

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