The spiritual value of the brand has three main sources

 , what is the brand spirit, is in the consumer cognition, the brand represents, contains the significance, the symbol, the individuality, the emotion, the taste and so on the comprehensive cultural factor sum. It is the essence of a representative of the enterprise’s personality, it is the brand or brand decision-makers in the long-term production and operation of the gradual formation of the cause of faith, values or business purposes.

        959 quotations: when our products are remembered by consumers, the spirit of the brand on the distribution of its due value, such a charm is diversified.

  as a spiritual appeal, has a very important role in the brand, has a full impact on consumers. Once consumers recognize the spirit of the brand, it is tantamount to firmly grasp the consumer. It is different in the field of business and cultural background, it presents the image is also different, but it is the brand in the course of the formation of a personalized color of the ideological force. In today’s society, the brand focuses on the emotional communication with consumers, and the excellent brand charm releases its spiritual connotation, such as emotion, symbol and belief. It can meet the psychological needs of consumers, but also to allow companies to sell products, not only to become a core element of winning competition.

  the importance of brand spirit is beyond doubt, then it is produced in where, how to make the brand spirit? Brand is created by people, but also the experience of management, but also by the people in the consumer. In this process, involving the operators, producers, consumers, and thus the spirit of the brand also produced one of the main sources of the following three.


  as the saying goes: "from the heart", which is used to describe a word, in short is the heart of a person can determine a person’s face. Psychology also said that every human face is a reaction of the corresponding physical and mental state, such as a health, physical and mental pleasure people usually in physiognomy, ruddy, full forehead are in good out of a bandbox. That is to say, our heart is the master of our own, and the personal temperament comes from this. Every successful brand is the first co founded, then through continuous painstaking efforts later, eventually reputation. In the long run of the accumulation process, the spirit of the brand is constantly precipitation, with the promotion of communication is gradually recognized by more people, but also infected with more people. But the beginning of all this can not be separated from the original gave it life, give it the spirit of the founder of the value. Brand establishment and initial development, from the founder of the painstaking efforts to make painstaking efforts. As a person, he has his own personality; have their own spiritual beliefs; have their own lofty aspirations, he created a brand is to realize their own ideological value. Thus, starting from the creation of the brand to give it life, as he thought, in

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