Hold a pizza barrel food sector 5 days to learn the shop 7 days


now, investment in food and beverage projects, the characteristics of the first step is to occupy the market. A pizza is based in Taiwan popular Victry-pizza on the classic delicacy, pizza made a walk to eat, eat, eat and play with a delicious meal. Than the delicious pizza, faster than fast food, while people in a real treat, but also to meet the modern fast-paced life and fashion leisure life demand.

80, 90 personalized consumption characteristics are significant, they do anything to talk about personality, the product not only to "strange" does not mean, but also in the "odd". Hand in the shape of a new pizza, exquisite cake covered with golden cheese and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, color and flavor, take in the hands of people concerned, full of sense of tide.

and Italian pizza (Pizza) is the basic practice. Usually the pizza is covered with tomato sauce fermentation of pita bread, cheese and other ingredients, and the oven baked. While holding the pizza because of its unique shape, you need to use a specific machine to make the torch, conch, mini shape.

operation mode


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