Operating massage chair can make money

now the number of business opportunities on the market countless, however, in the end what business opportunities, which business opportunities can be fully utilized, which has become a problem plagued countless investors. So, operating massage chair can make money? Let Xiaobian to you.


is a self massage chair through the head, neck, back, waist, buttocks and other parts of finger press kneading, tapping, tapping, kneading and knocking massage techniques such as automatic massage equipment to stimulate acupoints, can relieve fatigue, for users of health care effect.

massage chair product features

1. low operating costs.

moneybox installed anti-theft lock, the administrator can query and set up time, currency and other information on self massage chair, the user or the coin, massage chair can automatically alarm. Depending on the different places, massage chairs do not need or only a small amount of operating costs. No operation, to minimize operating costs. Equipment maintenance is simple, does not require full-time staff input.

2. full-featured, beautiful appearance.


self massage chair has the functions of health, health care, massage and decompression, and has the advantages of novel design, complete functions and convenient operation. Product operation, energy saving, low noise, green, environmental protection. It is suitable for public places such as star hotels, banks, airports, automobile 4S stores, large shopping malls, bath centers, clubs and so on. And when combined with the place, the equipment was taken care of, its security is also guaranteed.

market analysis

in order to meet the consumers to ease the pressure on the lifting of fatigue, the demand in the market, all kinds of foot massage center, and fitness centers such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, but due to time-consuming and excessive spending, these services can not meet the consumer demand of the public. In modern life, shopping has become a part of life, if the customer in the store or supermarket shopping stroll tired, find a few slot type massage chair, just sitting on top of a short massage rest can quickly adjust the fatigue, increase vitality. At present, the society pays more attention to the quality service to the customers, and the coin operated massage chair will bring more business opportunities.

The choice of the location of the

coin operated massage chair follows the principle that a person with a large flow rate is more likely to be tired. For example, such as high-speed service area, hotels, shopping malls, etc.. To sum up, in the high-speed rail station, subway station, hotel, service area, shopping malls are more suitable, of course, like tourist attractions can also be

Benefit estimation of

investment self massage chair

current market, self recommendation

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