Snack bar to do business to focus on features

on the open snack bar, different entrepreneurs have different emphases, some people think that the location is the most important, because once the location determined, then determine the mode of operation. Some people think that the most important decoration, because too luxurious is not conducive to attract customers, too simple and will make people feel no grade. So, what should we pay attention to the snack bar? Xiao Bian believes that in addition to these, but also pay attention to characteristics.

open the snack bar, snack bar in the selected area of not more than 200 square meters is appropriate, the annual rent in 100 thousand yuan. Snack bar positioning mid-range, about 500 yuan per square meter of decoration, some of the low grade of about $300. Select the location, it is necessary to consider the open snack shop will sell what products, or, what is the open snack bar features. This is second only to location.

is currently catering market of small restaurants, dishes from the point of view, most of Hangzhou cuisine, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangdong and other small shops, eating should be subdivided, have their own specialty. If the shop front to lift to sell duck dish features, and as a cattle brother shop, monopoly bullwhip food, again some shop Tutou dish. In short, to find a store’s fist products, in order to create customers to shop reasons. The more distinctive snack bar, the more vitality.

no matter what levels of consumers in the taste of a "love" instinct, as long as it tastes good, always attract customers in a continuous line, the prosperous snack store. Some of the initial entry, if you feel difficult to choose the characteristics of dishes, you can also make an article on the characteristics of the points, such as the opening of the characteristics of rice noodle shop, specialty wonton shop, etc..

opened a snack bar, want to earn popularity, to win a good reputation, but also from the food to start. Of course, a snack bar, is also very important in the management and service, as the saying goes "management efficiency", as the operator should learn more to open stores are the best things personally involved, experience.

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