Where the business trip will be where traffic jams

The birth of

didi Travel software to promote the rapid development of the taxi software industry, and now the software is facing the business trip to upgrade the situation, in the end the road can be easy to upgrade it?

brand upgrade or upgrade business? Do not wait until September 9th by President Liu Qing express The case is entirely cleared., have opened a corner curtain.

9 7, the new business summit, Liu Qing said publicly: September 9th is the three anniversary of the birthday will not give up drops, drops of express service, taxi drops brand has been unable to carry the company now business, will be upgraded. Goodbye drops taxi is not to say that you want to stop the taxi or express business, the new brand will continue to carry drops express, car, bus, driving on behalf of the whole line of business.

A few days ago

A, stuck in the "

road B2 government"

is pass to give up part of the business, because every recently was "please have a cup of tea".

notice display, private cars to join the Internet platform to participate in the operation, the essence is for the purpose of profit, provide transportation service for the illegal trading behavior of non specific object, illegal business behavior. The announcement from the legal point of view to limit the direction of the taxi business drops, so rumors that the company’s business is also adjusted to adjust the amount of drops.

two, blocking the "

road user experience.< recommended

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