State Department of human resources and social programs to support more than 800 thousand college st

university graduation season, in addition to sentimental wonderful college life is coming to an end, the students have to worry about the problem of employment, employment has now become a social hot topic, so the countries actively encourage students to entrepreneurship.

[reporter] I see office documents put forward to focus on the employment of college graduates, the employment of such a new formulation, we can consider? The paper put forward to implement a new round of "college students to start a business plan", when the plan introduced? Are there any new measures?

[] Nobunaga star I think your question is very good, is also very important. Entrepreneurship will be included in the overall layout of employment, employment and entrepreneurship simultaneously, this is indeed an important change in the overall pattern of employment, which has been reflected in a series of important documents since eighteen. The proposed eighteen important principles of the new period, highlights this policy is to encourage entrepreneurship to employment policy, we have three words before: Labor self employment, employment and the government promoting employment market mediation. Eighteen plus a large number of words, the government to promote employment expanded to the government to promote employment and encourage entrepreneurship, it seems that the five words, in fact, to encourage entrepreneurship into the employment policy of the five.

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