How to choose between entrepreneurship and study

this year, more and more young entrepreneurs tend to be young, many students are still studying in the school to join the entrepreneurial tide. For these people, business and academic is always very difficult to choose which one is more important.

"now every day I only in class, watch the shop, rest these three things." Xiamen University of Technology, 2013, the management of cultural industry, Guo Weitong told reporters, with the students around the classroom, dormitory, library life is not the same, she would run every day in the classroom, shops and rental.

"harvest" is the power source of


"let me start early contact with society, learn to be independent." Xie Jiafang’s family did not care about the economic benefits of her coffee shop, but she was in their own shop, and began to realize the difficulty of making money, and slowly learn to understand their parents".

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