How to make use of the food bowl

although there are countless investors are aware of the importance of advertising, also looking for all kinds of advertising channels, have however, not only a lot of wide audience, but also very effective advertising channels has not been excavated, such as meal consumption bowl. So, how to make use of a food bowl advertising?

imagine such a scene: usually love eating you wrapped in a plastic film on the fire bowl meal is not strange, if attached to an ad, you will serve in the 10 minutes before the look and sweep the two-dimensional code above?

Nuggets meal gold ten minutes

what can be done before dinner? Chat? Brush phone? Wait? Yang Huaijiang in the service of ten minutes to find a new business opportunities, seize the rigid demand for a breakthrough as a dish, the gathering of users and traffic.

who now holds the user’s fragmented time, who will win the market. When the eyes of many advertisers still stay on the way to work, the founder of the table networking CEO Yang Huaijiang has been keen to capture the meal before the golden ten minutes, creating a new advertising model.


network, named the inspiration for the Internet of things, car networking, but they are not the same, the table of things to a certain extent is a mobile advertising media platform, advertising carrier restaurant tableware to create a combination of online and offline communication, make full use of the restaurant food off the dishes on the table ten minutes of fragmented time.

Yang Huaijiang believes that the table networking and mobile terminal, PC terminal is different, the table is a blue ocean market to occupy the market, will be developed into a media advertising advertising interface, occupy the restaurant to eat food and other 10 minutes.

we all know, attention is productivity, attention is wealth, everyone has to eat, there is a waiting time of boring, when you use sterilization, you will notice the tableware on the information, these conditions together created the network media information table 1.5 closed reading environment now, in the overwhelming information era, the Internet platform is obviously the table.

according to incomplete statistics, the Chinese mainland is currently a one-time meal consumption of up to 68 million sets of bowls, and table networking has occupied at least 20 million sets of resources. Yang Huaijiang said that his ability is not strong, but the table networking in line with the trend of the development of the mobile Internet era.

binding meal enterprise

advertise on the food bowl to find out who it is.

hot pot restaurants, food stalls is what we often see >

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