Say goodbye to it and work on successful entrepreneurial road

with the development of the times, many farmers have set foot on the road of entrepreneurship. "Thought in the garden of the crops are not anything, then go out to work, run in a few years, people see the development, decided to back their own business." In the face of the interview, the 39 year old migrant workers returning home for their reasons Tang Chengyun bluntly.

2008 in the second half of the year, affected by the global financial crisis, Tang Chengyun where the factory is also affected, working outside the plight of more and more obvious, which further strengthened her home business determination, regardless of her husband against resolutely back.

  one work, one harvest. Tang Chengyun lasted 3 months of hard hard work finally paid off, she told reporters: "last year the twelfth lunar month twenty-six, my first cylinder wine out, a total of more than and 200 pounds!" Look at the bubbling wine, the smell of wine filled the air, Tang Chengyun can not wait to the good news to tell folks, let everyone share their joy of success.

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