Nanchong to create entrepreneurial cities in the wilderness of the nternet are flowering

in the national public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the call, a lot of people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, Nanchong build entrepreneurial city, the Internet in the wilderness are flowering. Let’s look at some of the specific details of the event. Just two years after graduating from college, He Mingyang in his own business in Nanchong, no money, no office room, only entrepreneurial dream. Nanchong incubator center gave him a 3 square meters of the grid, he and his classmates began to hatch entrepreneurship, set up a network company. Now, He Mingyang’s company has 6 people, has become the largest enterprise in the center, is estimated to move out soon."

He Mingyang Nanchong is a microcosm of many entrepreneurs, in the background of "innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples", Nanchong strive to create entrepreneurial heights, within two years of the introduction of the 50 innovative entrepreneurial team, new technology of small and micro enterprises 2000, Nanchong into the world of excellence talent agglomeration high, become a charismatic City Regional Innovation and entrepreneurship the leading role of radiation.

College Students Entrepreneurship: a small and micro enterprise ambitions

2010 years, Tang Hao graduated from China West Normal University of real estate management and professional assessment, parents give up work arrangements, start a person outside the school work, less than ten square meters rented a house, set up the network studio, officially set foot on the road of entrepreneurship. The most painful time, at noon to buy a dollar a pack of peas, eat more than a week." In 2012, he opened a partnership with a number of friends of the real estate marketing planning company, but with the views of partners is not uniform, coupled with the business downturn, the company closed in less than half a year.

2013 after the Spring Festival, tanghao decided to suspend business footsteps, apply to the newly established small and micro enterprises in Nanchong City Service Center, responsible for website operation, "learning is not only a reflection of the time is precipitation."

When the WeChat

popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, tanghao again also unable to put all sorts of things together 5000 yuan, began a third venture in the small micro enterprise service center. Then, Shunqing District Nanchong city employment bureau gave tanghao ten thousand yuan venture subsidies, and provides 100 thousand yuan interest free loans. In order to ensure the success of the sale of a real estate on the line, Tang Hao took the team for 3 consecutive days, working for 16 hours a day, from online interaction, data monitoring to the line under the warm field activities, the whole plan to implement.

in the incubation service center two years after the end of July this year, Tang Ho rented offices in an upscale district of Nanchong City, to start a new venture, "Service Center for the first entrepreneurs to provide the most basic facilities, water, electricity, etc all free, I have the ability to bear their own, will make room for more business people!" Including Tang Hao, the company has 8 people, are just graduated from college students recommend

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