Strengthen the commercial housing sales price control Fujian special inspection

in our daily life housing prices are all paid more attention, especially in commercial housing is particularly popular in the market, because the moment is the public venture, the highly innovative stage, so many people in the market to buy commercial housing for doing business, of course there are a lot of investment there. Fujian Provincial Price Bureau news, from November 10th to December 10th, Fujian commercial housing sales are carrying out a special inspection Price tag.

special inspection of the specific inspection by the price departments at all levels to organize the implementation of the housing construction departments at all levels to support and cooperate with the work. During the inspection, the various districts and Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area price departments and housing construction sector will highlight the inspection of commercial housing sales price is not enough, not in the market place prominently the price tag, not according to the provisions of "set a standard, not once all sales houses" eight key ", for all in the sale of real estate to conduct a comprehensive inspection. At the same time, spot checks 50 real estate agency stores marked price situation.

to strengthen the control of commercial housing sales price, Fujian launched a special inspection, the good development of commercial housing prices, is a very meaningful thing. At the same time, Fujian Province Price Bureau will be combined with the "Fujian Provincial Price Bureau on the order of commodity housing sales market inspection inspection notice" of the supervision and inspection work arrangements, the focus of Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou 50 stores in the sale of real estate and 50 real estate intermediary price tag check.

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