How to locate the handmade leather workshop

relative to the expensive store products, some of the small manual workshops are now hot business, the most significant is that we are familiar with leather products. But if we come to open a handmade leather square, how should the site?

for manual leather workshop, the location of the key is not the flow of people, but in the atmosphere and gathered lots of studio where the product positioning crowd. The most suitable place is to take place in the quiet, there is a certain cultural and artistic atmosphere. The reason for avoiding the downtown area is that you can avoid the high rent, because the manual leather club for the customer is not the general public, the crowd of people do not necessarily have your customers, while in


"tree" s choice of Shaoxing Road, is a fancy that is publishing a street, cultural atmosphere is thick, and the way also has a little famous bookstore and well-known advertising industry in Hanyuan Bay, there are often some discerning customers there, it will have more opportunities to visit the tree". In Taikang Road, the famous Tianzifang also gathered a number of specialty shops, full of artistic atmosphere.

by this article, if you want to open a leather workshop, whether already know how to store the location? Because the market demand, and the current business is relatively small, so do such business, will make your business exceptionally good!

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