How to join the Shu River fish

you are not to open up my own fish shop? What kind of fish is worth you to join? Shu River fish is a good choice. Shu River fish consumers looking for popular delicacy in the market, enjoy a healthy life, entrepreneurs in the market to create wealth must find the most popular market now, so in the present market, the unique barbecue grilled fish delicacy good prospects, which is the most popular, every day the stores are in a continuous line of people!

fish is recognized as a very rich nutritional value of food, in the life of many people has become a favorite fish, because fish tender, taste good, at the same time, fish protein is very much, if you are afraid of fat if eating fish is completely no problem. The fish industry is developing very well, a lot of Shu the river fish franchisees to join the brand is a good choice of fish, fish to join.

How to join the Shu River fish

join conditions:

1, follow the Shu River fish management principles, and consciously safeguard the "Shu River fish" brand

2, self owned operating space, business area shall not be less than 100 square meters, the franchise stores are not their own, the lease period of not less than three years;

3, join the party honest and trustworthy, familiar with the location of the food and beverage market, and the competent authorities in good relations;

4, the location of the store should have a certain scale and level of consumption, the best place to operate in the more prosperous urban streets, convenient transportation, with a certain amount of traffic or potential consumption targets;

5, with a certain economic strength, there are no less than 200 thousand yuan of specific investment plans;

6, to ensure consistency of unity, quality of service products, Shu River fish have the right to supervise the business activities of the franchisee, the right at any time to consult and evaluate franchisee financial accounting records;

7, the franchise must be unified accounting records in accordance with the requirements of the accounting statements provided by the headquarters of the Shu River fish.

join process:

1, understand the project

2, headquarters visits

3, apply to join

4, signed a contract

5, site decoration


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