Shopping sites should not be installed free WF

is now WiFi is everywhere, a lot of people from the WiFi feel that life can not love, the whole people will be restless. For this reason, many operators of public places should provide free WiFi hold different views. Some people are opposed to the support of some people who remain neutral. An idea stands for a position that represents the attitude of a private owner. Here’s a look at the different views of your bosses.

against each other – Shandong Liaocheng retail Shi Aiping

Shi Aiping think so: network, provides a quick and convenient connection between people, but also increased the gap between people. Is not a very popular words, the world ‘s most remote distance is that I am around you, and you are in the bow to play the phone. Because whether it is entertainment or shopping and dining, where there is a free WiFi, Internet access to a great extent, the impact of the interaction between people face to face. Friendship, family and even love has changed the taste, online chat was full of activity, the network is not embarrassed to say nothing.

support – Anhui Anqing retail Rong Hongjuan

Rong Hongjuan’s point of view is: free open WiFi must vary from person to person. Into the store consumption of customers with smart phones are not a minority of secondary school students. If only in order to boost the popularity of sales from the point of view, it is not enough to open the wireless network for all customers is clearly not enough business ethics. There are a lot of students to save their pocket money or even food to buy a smart phone. A network can rub only after online games such as greed, which is thought to learn. This is obviously not conducive to children’s physical and mental health. And the shopkeeper is behind the scenes. Therefore, it is necessary to provide wifi.

but standing in the eyes of my super store owner, the provision of free internet access in the shopping mall is a move with the times. Cater to the needs of the masses of consumers. Its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

consumers now, most of the avant-garde thinking. From time to time like a micro letter, visited the street, bought something, even if you eat an ice cream will upload photos to share a circle of friends. Unless it is otherwise the flow together with the nouveau riche, dally upwards, consumption is rmb. Who loves dearly?

store offers free WiFi, but also to enhance the grade of a store. The consumer is attracted, boost popularity bring consumption, and can increase the visibility of mouth. After all, not every store has this offer. Now the competition between peers is not only a complete range of goods and the price of a small difference. But a pursuit of the highest level of service. In terms of consumers, you will be more invisible than other businesses to hold a more intimate customer service.

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