The famous little secrets network

now people in the network business has become very common, but now the number of Internet users in Chinese is increasing year by year, people have experienced online shopping has become more and more, especially in online shopping, sometimes shop page ranking is really important.

online business: small network operators " "

tips; reputation;

who still no online shopping experience? If you are, that means you are a little out of touch with the trend. Online shopping convenience and price to attract a large number of consumers, but also created a large number of network operators.

"2007 China e-businessmen Development Research Report" shows that the number of China’s network has grown to 30 million giant, however, in contrast to the large number, know how to use the network to do business and the real success of the network, accounted for 10%.

to shop in many talent shows itself in the era of network promotion must grasp. In order to let more successful owner in the network business, the reporter collects the successful promotion secrets, for open shop owners reference.

played a good name of a good "lot"

to rely on the Internet address bar access network of shops, like lots. Have a long and difficult to remember long URLs, like hiding in the shop as neither Backstreet lane, selling to people, it is difficult to find the guest. Therefore, for the shop, a short, good memory, good communication domain name is essential.

let your name is

The use of

signature. For example, in QQ and M  SN personalized signature left in his shop site, behind every email text of Internet store address; you can also to the entire network community around, account signature in various sites of the BBS forum posted on the shop.



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