How to open shop in the poor evaluation

is different from the store, if a customer does not feel good, may affect only the people around her, but for the shop, if a customer does not feel good, left is perhaps the difference in assessment, which for many shop almost will become a fatal blow, especially some new start shops. So, how to open shop in the poor evaluation?

Taobao, there is a wooden home in Qingdao shop, the beginning of the entity shop is pioneering, and later do shop. Shop at the beginning, due to the lack of experience, was a malicious extortion of a customer.

specific situation is this: the customer received his purchase in Qingdao Home Furnishing wooden table, to the store said he received reflect the chair only to the kindergarten children sitting in the shop, repeatedly confirmed sent furniture is a household dining table and chairs of normal specifications, the customer is still not satisfied; the store made a replacement the other, but not willing to, but also the store to return money to his chair.

store to take a step back, saying that he would return the chair to the store, he returned to the chair of the purchase price, the other party actually said: "I give you back to the chair to be useful?" What is the chair left to store the compensation; but under agreed to this request, give each other back 300 dollars of the purchase price, because if the other party to their bad words, it started online for a small shop, is undoubtedly a huge threat.

Qingdao wood home this concession is actually too much to accommodate the bad quality of the customer, in fact, where Taobao, such incidents are malicious threats, they are able to deal with such problems. Just at the time of the Qingdao wood Home Furnishing lack of experience, fear of losing credit, say the heart scruples, it One can be austere without selfish desires, tolerate bad behavior. Therefore, we should pay special attention to this kind of people in the after-sales service, know how to use regular and legal weapons to combat them, do not let this evil quality customers succeed.

later Qingdao wood home to do quite handy. There was once a Liaoning buyers because of the reasons for the logistics of a shop in the evaluation. Buyers are saying: "the goods are not bad, that is, logistics is not good, I bought a big slap in the hands of things to me, to buy a table actually asked me to pick up the goods, I hope the future attention."

In fact,

small goods express is both economical and practical, but like Qingdao wood Home Furnishing with large furniture based shops if the express, will cost almost 100, certainly can not find customers receive expensive freight, stores in savings for customers, but customers do not appreciate. Qingdao wood home although feel wronged, but have to work, the staff made a few calls to the customer, although the other side of the verbal commitment to modify the evaluation, but it has not seen action.

finally Qingdao wood to recommend

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