How to start a business from the two entrepreneurs

on the road to squeeze too many too many people, each person’s entrepreneurial process is not the same, there are successful, there are failures. Today, we come to share with you how these two entrepreneurs are entrepreneurial.

2002, Wang Guoping pig experimental effect of Chinese herbal medicine fattening agent is starting to see results, at the same time, his other achievements sows Chinese herbal medicine galactogogue clinical performance is quite good. In 2005, when the two technologies mature, Wang Guoping applied for a patent to the State Intellectual Property Office, and then in 2006, the two technologies are recognized by the State Intellectual Property Office, technical personnel responsible for the review of the praise: is really not expert


2005 in August, in Wang Guoping’s efforts, Dashiqiao scientific research and promotion of pig association established in more than two years, Wang Guoping served as president, he used his enthusiasm and technology to help many members, never return. "I just do my best, after all, a pig is too important for their lives." Wang Guoping said so. Up to now, the association has 812 members of the farmers to join, driven by the 1230 pig farmers, so far pollution-free pig slaughter tens of thousands of people, the experimental base of 2, demonstration farms, a total of 3. How to do business, for the future, Wang Guoping has a "ambition": within 5 years, to create a commercial pig feed Meishan pollution-free, has China features a pollution-free, green commodity farming road, let Meishan occupy a space for one person in the domestic pig pork international high-end market.

how to do business, in Dou Dahai’s view, "win no losers in China". For all entrepreneurs, "win in Chinese" not only provides an opportunity to obtain venture capital, is more exchanges and cooperation between entrepreneurs to provide a platform, a grassroots entrepreneurs and successful entrepreneurs communication platform. In the win in China on the stage, some people have learned the entrepreneurial knowledge, some people have the opportunity to cooperate, some people make friends, some people see their own shortcomings. In short, "win in China" there is no loser, each participant in the players have won a lot of things.


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